When you need to alter your mood to relax and get some inner peace, listening to a piece of beautiful music is the best way. The Water Music is a website created to bring the best in relaxation and peacefulness from a musical perspective to anyone who wishes to make use of their sense of sound to enrich their lives in a really good way.

"Without music the human race would be sadly lacking in a major form of beauty" - Terry Roberts (guitarist, vocalist with Karma)

Every day the world around us bombards us with so much information that if we were to consciously acknowledge just one percent of it our senses would still be vastly overwhelmed. It all adds up to a lot of external information that can (and generally does) lead to us becoming stressed without even knowing why.

Peaceful Respite

water musicBeing able to escape to a quiet place and shut out all of what the world is throwing at us so we can take some time to be calm, still and relaxed is a wonderful way to cope with stress. With some soothing music playing quietly in the background, the ambience can be greatly enhanced while enabling is to get truly into ourselves and re-connect with the most important part of ourselves (the spirit).

That's just one way that music can help us to create the mood we want. There are plenty of ways, such as listening to an old song that causes us to feel nostalgic, perhaps remembering a happy point in our lives in the past. Or we could be listening to an invigorating piece of music that rouses us and brings us inspiration in any number of forms.

What is Water Music?

This is a project that started out with a name inspired by the calming effect of watching ripples move slowly across the surface of the water in a pond and the gently lapping sound of tiny waves breaking on a tiny, stony "beach" that was often used by ducks to get easily in and out of the pond.

Interpreting that experience into musical sounds using real instruments (as opposed to computer programs and/or synthesizers) is about reconnecting with nature in a surprisingly soothing way. It's interesting, educational and fun!

Musical Corner

There is more to this website than just making ripple and lapping sounds, of course. Music in general is a huge subject of which this place occupies a small corner that we'll be writing about and demonstrating through video where necessary.

Even so, this apparently small nook still has the potential to produce some truly incredible audio wonders. They form melodic and rhythmic experiences that are worth sharing with anyone who has an interest in expending their consciousness into places the average person rarely dares to go.

Or you could simply say that finding something that is really nice to listen to is worth the search. Start that search here and surprise yourself with what possibilities exist for the intrepid adventurer in the fluid world of water music!